1. Please park in designated areas and not on grass.
  2. Please stay within boundaries of the foundation.
  3. Please bring large trash bags and take trash with you when you leave.
  4. We try and keep the grounds free of litter, please leave as clean as you found it.
  5. Kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and showers are for your use. Please keep clean.
  6. Bring own bedding, towels, soap, etc…
  7. Bring own food, paper plates, cups, napkins, etc…
  8. Confer with Colin McRae or Jason Dalton before using the sound system. Only designated persons may use the sound system – by Colin McRae or Jason Dalton.
  9. Please-
          a. No alcohol
          b. No firearms or fireworks
          c. No lanterns in the barn
          d. No hunting or fishing
          e. No motorcycles or ATVs
          e. No pets
For questions and suggestions contact:
Colin McRae - colin@truevinefoundation.com
Jason Dalton - jason@truevinefoundation.com

This property has been dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ. When you use these facilities you become stewards of Christ, as we are. Please, show the same respect and honor as you would unto the Lord. We welcome you in His name. May the peace of God fall upon you as you enter the gates of McRae’s Pond, and may you take it with you as you depart, to face life’s challenges with fresh anointing. We pray you will receive new understanding and revelation of whom God desires to be in your life.

- The McRaes -