1. How many does the barn sleep?
The barn has thirteen single beds in temperature controlled rooms.

2. How many does the dining hall sleep?
The dining hall has twelve single beds in temperature controlled rooms.

3. How many does the mission house sleep?
The mission house has six single beds and three full beds in three separate rooms.

4. What is the appropriate clothing for the Odyssey?
Please do not wear open toed shoes, shorts, loose jewelry, or items in pockets.

5. Is there fishing?
There is no fishing permitted on the Vine’s ponds.

6. Can we bring four wheelers, guns, golf carts, alcohol, drugs?

7. Pricing/Costs/availability?
Please complete and email us the availability form.

8. May I bring an additional heaters?
No open flame heaters are permitted inside the structures.

9. Bon fires?
Bon fires are allowed by special permission only.

10. How long does it take to complete the Odyssey?
The Odyssey is most effective when four hours per thirty-two people is allowed.

11. May I give to True Vine Foundation?
The True Vine is a 501-C3 fully tax deductible entity. Your support will be received with gratitude and thanksgiving.